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Hi, I’m Anna.

I’m a copywriter, sales funnel strategist,  and founder of AFIWI MARKETING.

I write high converting copy and build effective sales funnels for  entrepreneurs and brands.

I’m a former senior operations manager turned passionate traveler who pays the bills by writing high converting  copy and developing marketing strategy for brands. I fancy the term Customer Experience Architect because it’s probably the most succinct explanation of what I do. 

I’m Jamaican by birth but a citizen of the world. Travel and words are my two first loves.

From the Blog…

There’s no better time than now

There’s no better time than now

I feel compelled to tell you – even though I am a random stranger, I believe the divine sends us encouragement and inspiration from the least likely of places – that the thing you’re afraid to do is waiting for you to let go of your fear and give birth to it. And if...

Healing is Difficult

Healing is Difficult

I've been sitting on half of the manuscript for Healing is Difficult + The Human Condition for several years. The other half was written in a short period - about a month, give or take a few days - following the ending of an encounter (it was complicated, and calling...

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