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Hi, I’m Anna,

Copywriter and email marketing strategist, maker, artist, travel enthusiast, and wordsmithstress.

(If you’re here for copywriting or email marketing strategy, you’ll want to visit afiwimarketing.com. This site is personal and exists solely for the indulgence of my passions, whims, and fancies a la non-marketing side projects.)

What if…?

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately.

What if…

I was unrelenting and unapologetic about the things I desire?

I gave myself permission to do ALL the things that light me up? The things that take me closer to my heart’s desires?

I decided not to let fear influence my decisions/actions?

What life could I lead? How much happier could I be?

It’s a small thing, but I’m starting with this website — my digital notebook of sorts… a space to share all the things that aren’t about work or paying the bills.