Day 1: 100 days is a long time


100 days is a long time to do anything. Well, to do anything consistently.

I’ve tried many a challenges, began many a projects, and truth be told the ones that made it past 100 days didn’t have 100 consistent days of effort. I’ve started and stopped, shifted, lost focus, forgot, got distracted.

In essence, despite my best intentions, life often got in the way. Which is not to blame life. Or maybe it is while shifting the blame from myself…I’m not sure yet.

If all goes well, this rant will be just for me. For me to see if I can painstakingly—or with some joy? who knows?—make it to the end of 100 days having written something on this blog every day in that window.

There’s no particular topic. I’ll just be writing random streams of consciousness. My goal? To write for 5 straight minutes.

Maybe at the end of 100 days there’ll be some usable morsel, but if after 100 days all I get to walk away with is the satisfaction of having done this thing consistently for 100 days, then that will be enough.

There’ll be no word limit either, just me sitting down on my laptop—or my phone (I downloaded the WordPress app so I’d have no excuse on the days if/when I’m away from my laptop)—to get this done.

Here’s to me then.

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