Day 9: 3 things I’m doing differently this year…


Here are 3 things I’ll be doing differently this year to take me closer to my goals.

1. I’ll be checking in with myself more frequently (re: my goals for the year)

I’ve gone through the trouble of completing an extensive goal setting exercise that involved tuning in to how I want to feel and coming up with specific measurable actions that will take me closer to my goals. But what I want to remain mindful of is the fact that these goals may change at different intervals throughout the year as I change or as my needs or circumstances change.

The big picture overarching goals will likely remain constant, but I’m making it a point of duty to check in regularly to ensure what I’m working toward is aligned with how I want to feel this year.

2. I’ll be taking more leaps and trying things instead of overthinking

This is a difficult one for me as I’m a chronic overthinker. But I think if I can get to the point where I’m executing more than I’m planning and researching, then I’ll learn a lot more—from the things I accomplish as well as the false starts and missteps.

There is no debating I am an epic researcher. So for all the goals I want to accomplish this year, I already know everything I need to know to get started. The rest I will learn as I go.

3. I’ll be making small habit changes

2023 is the year I stop aiming for big sweeping habit changes. Instead of daily 30-minute walks I’ve committed to 10 minutes of yoga every day. Which means the -20 degree weather or a bad day won’t be able to deter this small goal.

Likewise, I’ve amended my goals in other lifestyle areas.

While I appreciate the value to be found in bigger goals that push us, I realise my habit muscle lacks the discipline and confidence required for those bigger goals. So instead of doing nothing or just stopping when I fall off the wagon, I’m making my habit changes more achievable, then I can build on my small wins toward bigger successes.

These short daily blog posts that take 10-15 minutes to write are another example of this approach at work.

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