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Hi, I’m Anna.

I’m an email marketing strategist for a California-based startup.

The chief copywriter and sales funnel strategist  at AFIWI MARKETING.

Candlemaker at Sarayna Handmade.

Travel blogger at JamaicanGirlAbroad.com.

I’ve come a long way since scribbling poetry and creating characters on the back of exam papers in high school. And while I’m barely writing fiction these days, words are still at the core of most of my projects.

Wielding words

That’s my superpower, but I don’t just sling words randomly. I’m talking conversion-focused emails, websites, and landing pages that will leave your subscribers wondering when you snuck into their homes and read their private diaries or how you got to their shrinks who were supposed to be sworn to secrecy.

They’ll feel so seen and understood that we’ll turn them into die-hard fans who can’t wait to buy your product/service and promote it to their friends.

A bit of what I’ve done



4+ Years experience writing copy for marketing campaigns both independently and as an agency contractor for brands across the globe.

Marketing Strategy

5+ Years marketing experience spanning brick and mortar retail, publishing, digital marketing, and consulting for small businesses.


Customer Experience

10+ Years of experience in customer support from the entry-level to senior management.

Operations Management

4+ Years experience managing teams and projects.

A Few Not So Random Things…

 1,000+ Email Campaigns

That’s literally thousands of hours that I’ve spent writing email campaigns for clients. Plus Facebook and Google ad copy and landing pages. That’s a lot of trial and error, a lot of lessons learned. So naturally, over time, I’ve become a real magician. A magician who’s ready to use my superpowers for your good.

I’m Jamaican, born and raised.

This means I may or may not occasionally say ‘yeah man,’ at the end of a sentence to indicate agreement or understanding. It’s in my blood and I make no apologies.


Travel is my second love

Next to words – although they often play nice, not unlike sister wives who share my love and attention graciously without complaint. I’ve been to 4 continents and 18 countries and can’t wait to see more of the world.

Travel actually inspired my decision to give up my 9-5 in favor of full-time entrepreneurship. (Yay for freedom!)

Dixie Chicks’ ‘The Long Way Around’ is my personal anthem.

Which kinda (almost?) explains why my resume reads like a hodgepodge of randomness.

Lucky for you, this hodgepodge (BPO Operations Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Airline Customer Service, Publishing, Marketing, Public Relations, Makeup Artistry, Copywriting, and Digital Storytelling) is responsible for the brilliant Conversion Copywriting Inbox Whisperer I’ve become.

Conversion Copywriter & Email Marketing Strategist
PO Box 278722
Miramar, FL 33027