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Some of my musings have found their way to print.
And there’s more on the way…

The 2-part poetry collection ‘Healing is Difficult’ + ‘The Human Condition’ is my debut anthology.

Together the 2 collections explore facets of the human condition…The euphoria of young love, the anguish of a lover scorned, the tumultuous yet rewarding task of motherhood, the scourge of injustice…they feel the same in any language.

Because we are more alike than we are un-alike.

In Jamaica?
Have it delivered to you without international shipping fees.

**Available June 15, 2020**


At different times in my life, I have felt incredibly alone. I have many friends and acquaintances but that has never inoculated me (or anyone else for that matter) from feeling lonely or depressed.

So I started writing letters… sometimes to the women in my life who needed them depending on what they were going through, sometimes to myself. And so Love Letters for When was born.

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