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Day 19: You only fail when you stop trying


I’ve been struggling to get back on the proverbial horse after missing what feels like about 30 days of posting.

A part of me had resigned myself to the reality that I failed at this attempt to post 100 days of content because I did not post daily and consistently.

Then I had to remind myself that this would only be a failure if I give up on it.

My goal was to post 100 days of blog posts consistently. Which, admittedly, in the very literal sense means one post every day over 100 days.

But as my business coach is always reminding me, we get to define consistency for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be daily. The key part of consistency is showing up repeatedly.

So in light of that version of consistency I have decided to get back on the horse and resume these posts until I get to 100.

I’ll admit, there is some degree of disappointment in realizing that:

  1. I’ve missed a significant chunk of time which impacted my momentum
  2. I won’t be getting to 100 days (and completing this project) in the time frame I’d originally hoped

But I’m continuing on anyway. If for nothing else, for the gratification that. comes from finishing things we commit to doing.

It’s like one of my favorite proverbs—”Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”

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