Episode 3: 1 Book and a Quote – Lessons on Habit Formation by James Clear

Anna Sarayna
Habit formation with James Clear - Jus Dweet Podcast

Habits can make or break our lives, depending on the ones we allow ourselves to embrace.
In this episode, I talk about one of my favourite books – Atomic Habits by James Clear. I share a few key take aways along with one of my favourite quotes from the book.
The episode is a great listen if you’re someone who struggles with establishing productive habits and are looking for some practical tips.
Episode 2: Finding Your Super Power

Episode 2: Finding Your Super Power

  "I don't have a talent," is a common lament. Yet, every single one of us has a thing we're good at.   In this episode, I talk about how to figure out your creative genius aka 'super power', particularly when it's not something obvious. It's a good listen...

Episode 1: Just Start

Episode 1: Just Start

  This episode was recorded back in May, about 5 months ago. It explains why I started this podcast but more importantly, in the episode I talk about why you should get started on your thing - whatever it is - right now. Subscribe


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