Day 18: Intuition always knows


If my thirties have given me nothing else, it’s the realisation that my gut always knows.

In my twenties, I spent a lot of time asking questions I already knew the answers to; delaying on making decisions I already knew I needed to make; missing opportunities to connect with people because of stubbornness.

Now, this is not to say I’m no longer making this mistake. Far from it. There are still countless instances of me ignoring my intuition due to a myriad of reasons—mostly fear and laziness. But I think I’ve gotten much better at listening to her.

This is interesting because I recently introduced to Human Design and discovered that I’m a manifesting generator—which is to say listening to my gut is literally how I was designed to function. I won’t get into Human Design here (maybe I’ll talk about it in another post), but basically my seat of authority is sacral, so before I make any big decisions i’m supposed to advised to check in with my gut.

So it’s interesting to me that I sometimes go out of my way to listen to that voice, though I’ve had more than enough experiences that affirm my intuition always knows.

Making a concerted effort to listen to it more.

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