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Just Start

Anna Sarayna

There is something inside YOU that the world needs to experience, YOU who play small and feign ignorance, hiding behind excuses and your own concocted insecurities born of the fear you cultivate with thoughts of all the time you’ve wasted and all the times you’ve tried and failed. You who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this thing will not be silenced, must be allowed to exist if you are to ever be or feel truly alive.

Everyone who knows you knows it and in their own way, they cheer you on. Like spectators to the greatest show on earth they urge you to go on; to dare the light to shine.

What are you so afraid of that you would rather dream than live, hope than do? What fate could be worse than never living a single day in all the years that you’re alive? Failure? You’ve done that already! You’ve perfected it. Give yourself a greater challenge, one that your talents are worthy of.

Do yourself a favour. Do the world a favour. Start living, doing, being. We need your contribution more than you know.

A man on the other side of the world is awaiting your song to ease his sorrow. That boy who doesn’t know he’s an artist is waiting for your drawing to inspire him and set his creativity free. Someone in a battered marriage is waiting for your article or story to give them the courage to walk away. Someone else, just like you, is waiting for YOU to unleash their power. They don’t know it yet, but the world needs YOU. YOU and all the talents you are so afraid to embrace and unleash.

So do us all a favour. START!

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