Day 7: New year, new beginnings


It’s new year’s day. Which is to say most of us are feeling like the world is ours for the taking, more so than usual. A new year usually symbolizes possibility and opportunity, and with that comes a big (healthy?) dose of optimism.

I completed my annual review and goal setting session about 2 weeks into December, so for me, today is about reflection.

I started the day by reading through my manifestation journal that holds my big goals and dreams from 2019 onward. And the process reminded me of one thing I tend to forget.

Making goals is important; having something to work toward is important. But it’s also important to recognize that who we are changes over time. The Anna that wrote those goals in 2019 is not the same Anna who wrote down her 2023 goals 2 weeks ago. She’s different from the Anna who wrote down her list of Big Hairy Audacious Goals last year, and she’s also different from the Anna who will review and edit the current goals six months from now.

This is not to say the goals aren’t important, because more often than not, they remain the same at their core even as some elements change—just like we stay the same in some ways even when we change.

For me, this awareness means it’s important for me to be open to changes and fluidity as I’m defining these goals. My core values won’t change, but the specifics of the dreams I have and the things I want may change, and that’s okay.

So today, I’ve been reflecting on the goals I made two weeks ago. I’m assessing what elements of them are tied to my core values. I’m assessing what parts are none-negotiable, absolutely essential, and what parts I may be open to renegotiating with future Anna.

It’s a different kind of exercise than what I’m used to doing on new year’s day, but somehow it feels right.

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