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On Creating Balance

Anna Sarayna
On creating balance

These past few weeks I have been working to find balance. Which is to I say I have been trying to ensure that time spent sightseeing is equal** to the time spent working (I do that too. Remember there is no sugar daddy so I still have to work to fund this dream), and the time spent doing nothing aka relaxing.
**as close to equal as is realistic

I thought balance was hard when I worked a 8-9 (who am I kidding!? It was never a 9-5.) but without the usual rigors of that life I am finding balance to be even harder.

Do I go sightsee today so I can check another location off my list and have some new content? Or do I stay put in my room and finish this post for my client? Or do I update my own personal blog? #Questions

I think at some point we all struggle to find balance. Maybe it’s balancing taking care of the kids with work, your spouse, and that hobby you haven’t indulged in months (I feel you). Or maybe it’s self care vs grinding to pay the bills. This shit is tough.

Then there’s that quote I read – “we don’t ‘find’ balance; we have to create it.” So I’m doing it. And I implore you to do the same (is that presumptuous of me?) Doesn’t matter. By now we’re friends so I can do that.

Carve out the time for the things that matter to you, the things you need for survival and wholeness.

What’s your greatest challenge with creating balance?


This post is part of the Insta-Losophies series – a curation of my more verbose Instagram posts. I wanted a record of them in case Instagram decides to cop out on us. Plus, they kinda read like bog posts so I thought, why the hell not?

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  1. Tansy

    You are everything I could hope to be and become, I don’t tell you often enough…Lord Knows we don’t speak often enough….I LOVE THE HELL OUTTA YA!

    This journey you have so bravely embarked on as so many layers of awesomeness to it, I can’t begin to explain.

    The truth is you are more brave and decisive than you think you are. You manage your goals like only you could, yes even when you think you are not managing. You knock everything and every expectation way out the park.

    Continue to be authentically you. Following your dreams..

    • Anna

      You my dear, are one of my fiercest and most consistent cheerleaders. I love you for always having my back, and even with all this distance and not enough conversations, know that you’re always in my thoughts.

      Thanks for reminding me, because sometimes I forget. Love what I look like through your eyes:-)


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