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The Secret

Anna Sarayna

No one is coming to save you. You’re the key to getting unstuck – not a guru or teacher, or some other person who’s done what you so desperately want to do. Yes, there are lessons to be learned from others and there is something to be said for harnessing external knowledge and experience. But here’s the thing. You can subscribe to every mailing list, watch every video, sign up for every course, join every Facebook group, read every how-to pdf, and painstakingly monitor the social media feeds of your favorite idols, but none of it will matter until you are ready to DO. 

That’s the secret really – if ever there was one – that there is no secret. Only commitment and work. You do or you don’t; you’re ready or you’re not. Because it turns out, once you actually are ready and take that first step the universe will meet you where you are and match you, step for step.

There is no secret. And if there were, it would be that there is only you.

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